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WaveShark APP User Agreement

Welcome to use WaveShark services through WaveShark APP owned by PowerVision Tech Inc. and its affiliates (Hereinafter referred to as “Our Company”, “We”, “US”, “Mine”). Before using WaveShark APP, please sign the User Agreement and Supplementary Agreement (Hereinafter referred to as “The Agreement”, “The Contract”) with our company. It is our company that provides the interface and all the services included in the agreement. If you any question or demand for the agreement or services when using WaveShark APP, contact the customer service personnel.

Each keyword before each clause aims at facilitating your understanding instead of affecting or limiting the definition of explanation of the clause. In order to protect your own rights and interests, it is highly recommended to read each clause carefully.

【Read Carefully】You should read the agreement carefully before indicating you agreed with one click in the process of APPlication and registration. Ensure you finished reading all the clauses and had a better understanding of them, especially the clauses related to liability exemption, liability restriction, law APPlication, dispute resolution. Liability exemption and restriction clauses will be bold and underlined text to draw your attention.

Sign Action】After you finished registration by filling in your personal information, it indicates you fully read, understood and accepted all the clauses in the agreement as one of your WaveShark APP users. If there is any clause you don’t APProve or you disagree on the whole agreement, stop registering.

1. Definition

The following contents should be understood per the definition, unless otherwise specified in this agreement:

1.1 WaveShark APP: refer to WaveShark client program on PC or mobile systems including Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

1.2 Our Company: refer to WaveShark APP and WaveShark board operator.

1.3 WaveShark Service: refer to the service or measures offered by our company or authorized agents or dealers, including but not limited to the maintenance and repair of WaveShark board, online data processing, platform operation, customer service such as user consultation, complaint, etc.

1.4 User: refer to persons with full civil capacity and able to enjoy WaveShark APP service.

1.5 Authenticated User: refer to those who signed WaveShark APP User Agreement with our company and completed registration. Each authenticated user only has one account, and each account has a unique username.

1.6 Account: refer to the unique account number set by the authenticated user.

2. Scope of Agreement

2.1 Contract party

Signed by you and our company, this agreement has the same legal force on both of us.

2.2 Supplementary Agreement

WaveShark APP Privacy Policy, as the supplementary agreement, is inseparable from the Main Agreement, and both of them the same legal force. If you use WaveSharp APP, you are deemed to agreed the above-mentioned Supplementary Agreement.

3. User Registration and Authentication

3.1 User Eligibility

Confirm you the Capacity for Civil Conduct ruled by PRC before starting registration and authentication to be eligible for WaveShark APP service. Users should be healthy people aged 12 and above. Usage is strictly prohibited for people under 12 years of age, or suffering from epilepsy, heart disease, high blood pressure, temporary vertigo, visual impairment, hearing impairment, disability, etc. For those who are not eligible for the above-mentioned aquatic sports conditions, the user and his or her guardian is responsible for the consequences arising therefrom.

3.2 Account Description

(a) After the registration and verification on WaveShark APP, you are deemed as the user of this platform with your own account.

(b) After the verification on WaveShark APP, you are able to enjoy WaveShark board service.

(c) After filling in the information as per the authentication prompts, read and agree the contract until you finished all the authentication, you will get the authenticated account of WaveShark APP.

(d) It is not allowed to transfer or lend your authenticated account to others, because the authenticated account has correlated with your personal information. Otherwise, you and the actual user will take full responsibility for all actions of using this product, and WaveShark will not bear any responsibility for the consequences arising therefrom.

3.3 Authentication Information Management

(a) 【Information Authenticity】During user authentication, please ensure the information you provided as per the prompts on WaveShark APP is precise, authentic, and complete. You the obligation to keep your information authentic and effective.

(b) 【Information Maintenance】If there is any authentication information change, update it in time. Our company will check and verify your information legally from time to time, and you should cooperate and provide the most timely, authentic, and complete information.

(c) You will take full responsibility for the consequences and loss caused to yourself, others and our company, if you cannot be reached according to the last information you provided, if you don’t update your information in time according to our requirements, and if you provided false information.

3.4 Privilege Opening. After passing the authentication, you are able to rent the board and enjoy WaveShark APP service.

3.5 Our company checks all the user authentication and determines whether it can be APProved eventually. Our company has the right to question the authenticity and legality of documents users uploaded, and releases the result of ‘Authenticity Failed’ without giving any explanation. Users can reAPPly for authentication.

4. Account Safety Specifications

4.1 Your account is at your disposal, our company will never require you to provide your personal information. Therefore, please take care of your account and you are responsible for the safety of your account. Each time you log out, please follow the right steps and exit from WaveShark APP.

4.2 Except for the faults on the party of our company, you take full responsibility for the actions and results (including but not limited to WaveShark board rental and return, payment, information release and disclosure, book address open), no matter they cause any harm to yourself or other third parties.

4.3 Please contact WaveShark APP platform if your account is at the risk of being stolen or lost when others use it without the permission of authorized dealers. Please understand it takes time to deal with any of your request, our company does not take any responsibility before taking measures unless you solid evidence to prove our fault.

5. WaveShark APP Platform Service and Specifications

5.1 Authenticated users can log into WaveShark APP and enjoy the service.

5.2 Please ensure that you shall not use WaveShark APP illegally, including but not limited to:

(a) Intentionally access, record, steal, and propagate data and related information on WaveShark APP by technical means;

(b) Intentionally access, record, steal, and propagate data and related information on WaveShark APP by technical means;

(c) Disturb or destroy WaveShark APP platform, device, service or network;

(d) Intercept, tamper with, collect, store, use, propagate or delete users’ information without legal authorization;

(e) Other unauthorized behaviors.

5.3 To use WaveShark Service you agree without being limited to the following not to:

(a) Breach the basic principles ruled by the Constitution;

(b) Breach state unification, sovereignty and territorial integrity;

(c) Disclose state secrets, undermine state security, and damage state pride and interests;

(d) Incite ethnic hatred and discrimination, undermine ethnic harmony, and infringe national customs and habits;

(e) Violate national religious policy and preach heresy and superstition;

(f) Disrupt social order and threaten social stability;

(g) Propagate foul, gamble, violence and instigate crime;

(h) Propagate foul, gamble, violence and instigate crime;

(i) Infringe copyright, intellectual property rights, business secret of the third party and patents;

(j) Keep WaveShark APP out of normal operation by damaging, falsifying, deleting, and getting user data and personal information through virus, Trojan, crawler and other malware or programs without any authorization;

(k) Disobey social morality, violate public order and social ethics, and slander national cultures;

(l) Release content against national laws, regulations, and policies.

5.4 Force Majeure

We are liable for the basic guarantee, but assume no responsibility for any loss and damage caused by the network infrastructure such as equipment maintenance and connection breakdown, system problems related to computer and communication, power failure, strike, violence, fire, flood, storm, explosion, war, government actions, administrative command, or third-parties.

6. User Information Protection and Authorization

6.1 Personal Information Protection

(a) We lay great stress on the protection of personal information. Once you start to use WaveShark APP, you confirm you agree to the WaveShark Privacy Policy which has elaborated on how to collect, store, use, disclose and protect personal information. Therefore, you are highly recommended to fully read the WaveShark APP Privacy Policy in order to keep your information safe.

(b) When you use WaveShark, you represent and warrant that you read and accepted WaveShark APP Privacy Policy, and you agree to comply with your obligations and allow our company to exercise our rights.

(c) If you access the information of other users when you use WaveShark to communicate with others, you warrant that you will keep the information secret, without disclosure to any third party.

(d) You grant our company to access your texts, images, videos, audios except your personal information during the copyright protection period, and accept that we store, use, copy, revise, edit, post, show, translate and assign your information, and include it in other production in current and future media and technology.

7. Copyright

7.1 You accept this agreement and become a user of WaveShark APP, which enables to use WaveShark APP service according to the terms of this agreement. There is no other authorization, cooperation, agency, clientage and employment relationship between you and our company.

7.2 You accept the intellectual property right of WaveShark APP and related confidential documents belong to our company, while that of advertisement on the APP belong to sponsors or dealers. You agree and warrant that you will not revise, rent, lend, sell, transmit or conduct other actions (e.g. reverse engineer, reverse translation) that will infringe intellectual property rights without any written authorization.

8. Liability Limitation

Because of the real-time update of Internet service, you read and agreed that we are not liable for the loss caused by the following cases:

8.1 WaveShark APP is disturbed which caused service delayed, unsafe, or whatever;

8.2 WaveShark APP provides information that is right in any condition;

8.3 The board you rented on WaveShark APP meets your expectation absolutely;

8.4 Your data in a computer or mobile device get lost after downloading WaveShark APP.

Our service is based on the current and available status of WaveShark APP. Except this agreement and other written contracts on our part, we are not liable for guarantees, including but not limited to commercial sales, special-purpose APPlicability, and other expressions or implications.。

9. Usage Rules

9.1 Please rent, unlock, use and pay for the board via WaveShark APP on mobile devices.

9.2 Please ensure the board has no damage before usage, including but not limited to checking whether it is intact in components and sensitive in manipulation.

9.3 Please stop using and change the board if you find any damage.

9.4 You are liable for any loss and damage caused to yourself, others and the board, if you continue to use the board that has been proved damaged before usage, and we assume no responsibility in the case.

9.5 Please use the board following related rules, regulations, instructions and arrangement of the service center and staff present, otherwise you are liable for any loss and damage caused to yourself and third parties. Please cooperate with related departments in investigation and problem solving if an accident happens. We are not liable for an accident unless you can prove it is caused by the inherent defect of our board.

9.6 The board you rented is for personal use, not allowed to be lend to others or change the user during usage. It is also forbidden for two or more people to use the same board, otherwise you will be liable for the damage of users and the board. In the face of risks and adverse weather conditions such as typhoon, rainstorm, ice and snow, stop using the board and listen to the staff present in case of any accident or loss, otherwise you are responsible for all the loss and damages.

9.7 Please use the board properly. Do not damage the board or stop others to use it, including but not limited to hitting the board, damaging the board, washing up the board on shores, etc.

9.8 You are liable for any dispute between you and the third party, and we don’t assume any responsibility. We are only responsible for the damage caused by our company.

9.9 Please follow the instructions of the staff present, and keep the belongings of yours and mine safe. We take no responsibility for your personal property. Once it is lost, it is at your own risk.

9.10 Please end using the board and pay for it via WaveShark APP on mobile devices, and confirm to returned the board to designated places. Contact us through the APP if there is any damage to the board.

10. Evaluation and Treatment of User Action

10.1 Tracking Evaluation

In order to offer better services and keep the market in order, we the right to evaluate your actions on WaveShark APP and increase or reduce the price you are going to pay for using the board. If you damage the board on purpose, or do not listen to the staff present, we the right to raise the payment for WaveShark service, or stop you using the board.

10.2 Contract Breach

You are regarded to breach the contract in the following situations:

(a) Provide incomplete, fake, and invalid personal information when registering for WaveShark APP;

(b) Threaten transaction or account safety;

(c) Make profits by improper or illegal actions, including but not limited to bribing our staff and/or associated people using money, consumption, entertainment, commercial opportunities, etc;

(d) Disturb the order of WaveShark APP, circumvent the rules and management of the platform, or access and use resources on WaveShark APP improperly, etc;

(e) Violate the rules in this agreement;

(f) Violate the rules in the Constitution;

(g) Violate other rules formulated by this agreement.

In order to adjust to Internet development and meet the demands of increasing people for high-quality services, you understand and agree that our company has the right to set the procedures and standard of contract breach. For example, we can judge whether you violated the rules or not according to the relationship between your data and plenty of user data. You are liable for giving evidence and explanation if your data is abnormal, otherwise you will be viewed to violate the contract.

10.3 In order to protect the benefits of other uses and WaveShark, and keep the market operation in order, our company has the right to take measures if a user violates the contract and we are not liable for informing him or her in advance:

(a) Stop WaveShark board service: means authenticated users are not allowed to rent the board via WaveShark APP

(b) Close account: means deleting a user account or restricting all his/her privileges, and blacklisting him/her, without offering any service;

(c) Public warning: means publishing the result of any case in progress via the management system of WaveShark APP;

(d) Agreement Termination.

10.4 Our company has the right to release users’ illegal information on WaveShark APP, such as the treatment to unlawful conducts, and legal documents issued by administrative or judicial organizations to prove a user violates the law.

10.5 Reparation Responsibility

(a) You are liable for all the loss and damages caused by your actions, including but not limited to direct economic loss and indirect economic loss such as goodwill loss, compensation, reconciliation, litigation cost, etc.

(b) You are liable to compensate our company in money or other aspects, if your actions incur the third party to safeguard his/her rights and cause our company to pay.

10.6 You action will be viewed as bribery if the material, money, labor and travel service you offer exceeds the normal consultation range. If things like this hAPPen, we the rights to terminate the cooperation and charge penalty and/or compensation based on our loss in finance and goodwill.

11. Agreement Amendment

11.1 Considering the rapid development of Internet, we reserve the right to maintain, upgrade, suspend or change any part of the contract without informing users in advance.

11.2 Our company will amend and supplement the agreement according to the changes of national laws and regulations, and the rights and interests of consumers. The modification agreement and supplementary agreement (Items of change) will notify you through the legal procedure and the way in Clause 12.

11.3 If you do not agree the items of change, you the right to contact our company before the items of change take effect. If your advice is adopted, our company will adjust the items of change at our discretion.

11.4 If you do not agree to the items of change that take effect, you should stop using WaveShark APP before the effective date, and the items of change will not legal effect on you. If you continue to use WaveShark APP after the items of change take effect, it represents that you agreed and accepted the changes and modifications.

12. Notices

12.1 You agree that our company can send you notices in the following methods:

(a) Release content on WaveShark APP;

(b) Send messages on the website, pop up messages on WaveShark APP, and push notifications on the client side;;

(c) Send emails, messages and letters based on your reserved contact information on WaveShark APP.

13. Agreement Termination

13.1 Termination on the part of users

You the right to terminate the agreement in any of the following ways:

(a) You will not use WaveShark APP anymore;

(b) Stop use WaveShark APP before the items of change take effect and clearly express that you are reluctant to accept the items of change.

13.2 Termination on the part of our company

Our company will notify you the termination of agreement in the ways expressed in Clause 12 when the following cases happen:

(a) You violate the provisions in this agreement;

(b) Your user behavior is abnormal which may a bad influence on WaveShark APP and other users from the perspective of our company;

(c) Use other users’ accounts without authorization, post illegal information, diddle others’ property, make profits in illegal ways, etc.

(d) Besides the above-mentioned, you violated the regulations on WaveShark frequently and severely;

(e) Other situations where the agreement should be terminated.

13.3 After Agreement Termination

(a) After the agreement is terminated, we do not the obligations to reveal your account information to you and the third party, except it is stipulated by law.

(b) After the agreement if terminated, our company still has the following rights:

(i) Continue to store you reserved information on WaveShark APP;

(ii) Ask users to afford the responsibility of breach of contract according to the provisions in the agreement.

14. Law Application, Jurisdiction and Others

14.1 【Law Application】The formulation, validity, explanation, amendment, supplement, termination, execution, and dispute resolution Apply to the law in the mainland of PRC. If there is no relevant law, refer to commercial practices and/or industry practices.

14.2 【Law Jurisdiction】Any dispute about WaveShark service and platform should be resolved through consultation between you and us. If the consultation fails, both parties have the right to initiate an arbitration to the China International Economic And Trade Arbitration Commission. The arbitration award shall be final and legally bind both parties.

14.3 【Separability】Any of the provisions is separated from the others in this agreement, so any of the abandoned, invalid and non-executable provision will not affect the validity and enforceability of the other provisions in this agreement.

14.4 【Title】 The titles in the agreement are designed for convenient reading only, not part of the agreement, so they have no legal effect.

14.5 【Non-Waiver】Either of the parties waives or delays to exercise his/her rights in one of the provisions, which does not represent to waive the other rights or similar rights in this agreement.

14.6 【Entire Agreement】The agreement binds the two parties and signifies that they have agreed and accepted the contract. Any verbal agreement or those that conflict with this agreement formulated before this agreement, no matter it is verbal, written or in other forms, are regarded as invalid.

14.7 【Part Provision Invalid】If any provision in this agreement or the attached is invalid and unenforceable due to the Application of law, the provision should be viewed as invalid and it does not affect the effectiveness or the other provisions in this agreement. In such a situation, both parties should negotiate and formulate a new provision under reason and law to ensure the realization of the original intention furthest.

WaveShark APP Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is requisite for WaveShark APP service. You are self-imposed to register and provide your name, gender, phone number and other information, which represents that you have known and accepted the use of your personal information and how WaveShark APP will use it for a special purpose. Except the personal information, all the others are non-confidential and non-special, including the documents, messages or texts (“Information”) you have sent or provided to WaveShark APP. WaveShark APP does not assume any obligation to the information. Unless otherwise stated, any information you have submitted on WaveShark App is seen as usable by the platform and authorizer. They have the right to copy, disclose, assign, combine and utilize the information, data, images, sound, texts, etc., for commercial and non-commercial purposes. You can read the Privacy Rules below for more details.

Privacy Rules

WaveShark lays great stress on your privacy protection. We are going to collect, use, share and protect your personal information according to the Privacy Rules. Before you use WaveSharp APP product and service, please fully read and familiarize yourself with the rules. If you are not an adult, your guardian should read the rules carefully and agree that you use our product and service according to the rules. For those rules that have close relation with your rights and interests, we have highlighted and underlined the texts to draw your attention. When you look through and visit WaveSharp APP platform and/or use WaveShark APP product or service, it represents that you have agreed that our company can collect, use, share and protect your personal information according to the rules.

Information Collection Range

Our company collect the following information of yours:

Identification information, including but not limited to your name, ID Card, address, phone number, biological features;

Your geographical location and destination;

Platform operation information, including but not limited to your IP address, equipment type, device identifier, operating system version information;

WaveShark board usage information, including but not limited to rental address, point of departure for usage, destination for returning, route, passing places and distance;

Payment information, including but not limited to your payment time, payment amount, payment tool, bank account and payment account information;

Personal credit information, including but not limited to any of your credit status, credit point, credit report; Other information based on the need of our product and service, including but not limited to your opinion and suggestion for our product and service, your frequently-used mobile software in the past and present, the usage scenarios and habits, etc.

Ways for Information Collection

You authorize that our company can collect your information in the following ways:

Our company will collect and store the information you have provided initiatively when you access WaveShark APP and/or use WaveShark APP products or service;

Our company will collect and store your information we have recorded when offering WaveShark APP products and service;

Our company will collect and store the information you have initiatively provided to the customer service and/or other channels; Our company will legally get independent data source from affiliated companies, business partners, and the third parties, collect and store your information;

Our company will check your credit information through credit bureaus, including but not limited to any credit point, credit report, etc.

SDK Usage

In order to provide better and more convenient service, our company has built in the third-party SDK in WaveShark APP, including but not limited to AFNetworking, MMKV, etc. These third-party SDK might collect your personal information while offering more comprehensive service. The following is the SDK names and usage purpose. If you have any question on third-parties’ collection of your personal information through SDK, please refer to the Privacy Policy of the third parties.

SDK Names of the Third Parties Collection and Usage Purpose Link of the third-party Privacy Policy
Alibaba Cloud OSS Storage User multimedia data, cloud storage
JPush Performance of push services
ShareSDK Sharing to third-party platforms
AFNetworking Network request No
MMKV Data cache framework No
KissXML XML database No
Masonry UI automatic layout library No
MJExtension Interchangeable framework between dictionary and mode No
MJRefresh Interface refresh library No
SDWebImage Image download No
YYModel Interchangeable framework between dictionary and model No
RXJava/RXAndroid/Rxpermission Responsive programming frameworks No
CocoaLumberjack The logging framework No
Glide Image loading framework No
retrofit/okhttp Network framework No
LiveEventbus Event bus framework No
logger Logging tool No
google Gson Object serialization/Deserialization No
Zxing QR code generation and scanning framework No
MagicIndicator Tab Indicator No
BaseRecyclerViewAdapterHelper Universal list adapter No
zxing-lite Scan code No
espresso Permission APPlication No
Information Purpose

You authorize that our company can use your personal information for the following purposes:

Provide you with WaveShark APP products or service; manage and optimize WaveShark APP platform;

Upgrade and improve the functions and quality of the current WaveShark APP products and service, including but not limited to personalization and update of the products and service;

Organize marketing activities related to WaveShark APP products and service, and send the latest marketing information and preferential strategies;

Design, develop, promote and popularize new products;

Enhance the safety of WaveShark APP products and service, including but not limited to ID authentication, customer service, safety protection, fraud monitoring, archive and backup;

Cooperate with administrative and judicial organizations for investigation, and obey APPlicable laws and regulation and other obligations promised to power agencies;

Inform you of the purpose of information collection and other related purposes to the above-mentioned;

In addition, our company may send you messages and notifications related to the above-mentioned purposes, including but not limited to the verification code required by certain service, necessary notifications related to products and service, current fee discount and deduction, news on WaveShark APP products and service, marketing activities and promotion information.

Information Sharing

We are liable to protect your personal information, but you authorize us to share it with the third parties in the following cases:

In order to enhance our products and service quality, or offer new products and service, our company may share your information with affiliated companies, or share your information we have collected with the third parties for data analysis and calculation;

According to laws, regulations and business practices, we will share your information when our company needs to accept the third-party audit and due diligence;

According to the rules of laws and regulations, and the requirements of administrative and judicial organization, we will share your information;

Other information with your APProval and authorization can be shared with the third parties.

Information Safety and Protection Measures

Our company and affiliated companies will adopt strict safety systems and industrial technology and procedures to ensure that your information will not be lost, disclosed, damaged and abused; Our company will adopt industrial safety technology and procedures to protect your personal information from accessing and using without your authorization;

Our company will adopt industrial safety technology and procedures to protect your personal information from accessing and using without your authorization;

But, please pay attention, any safety system may exist potential and unpredictable risks.

The privacy protection policies and data access ways vary from third-party website operators, third-party service providers and other third parties that can get your information through us, which are out of our control. Although we will sign the confidentiality agreement with the third-parties who may get access to your personal information, and urge them to perform their privacy protection obligation, we cannot guarantee they will take measures to protect your information as we have required, and we are not liable for the actions and results caused by the third parties.

As a user, you determine whether to use WaveShark APP service or provide your personal information based on your willing. Meanwhile, you can check the personal information and travel information you have submitted. If you want to delete or revise your personal information, please contact our Customer Service.

If we find you use WaveShark APP product and service for the purpose of fraud or other illegal intentions, we will take corresponding measures, including but not limited to suspending or terminating the products and service provided to you.

With the upgradation of WaveShark APP products and service, we will update our Privacy Policy in real time. Once the updated Privacy Policy is released on our website and APP, it will replace the last Privacy Policy effectively. Our company encourages you to check the latest Privacy Policy regularly to learn about the newest measures we have taken to protect personal privacy.